Credit Card With Low APR 2022

  • What is a Credit card?
  • What’s APR?
  • What does low APR means on credit card?
  • 0% APR- What does it mean?
  • Lower APR, is it better for credit cards?
  • 10% APR, is it good on a credit card?
  • Best credit cards with low APR

What Is A Credit Card?

Credit card is a thin piece of plastic, rectangular in shape or a metal card issued by a bank, building company and financial services that allows the card holders to borrow funds to pay for either goods or services with foreign wholesalers/merchants that accepts card for payment.

Credit Card With Low APR

What Is APR?

APR which means Annual Percentage Rate, is the annual/yearly interest incepted by a sum or amount that is charged to people that borrowed money or paid to the lenders.

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What Does Low APR Means?

Low APR on credit cards means the lower the APR, as the APR is decreasing the less you will pay in other charges and in interest. A lot of credit cards after 0% APR on balance transfers and even purchases for a specified number of months.

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0% APR- Is It Good For Your Card?

Having 0% APR credit wont affect your credit scores more than other credit cards would do, so 0% APR is actually good for your credit card.

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Lower APR, Is It Better For Credit Cards?

It is better for your APR to be lower. The lower your APR, the better your score and also the less you pay over time. If your score is lower than your APR, borrowers might be scared that you’ll fail on your payment and they’ll charge you higher interest since its risky.

10% APR- Is It Good On A Credit Card?

Actually, anything below 14% is a good credit card if you have a good credit. If you have a great credit, you can get a better rate like 10%, so 10% is good on a credit card. If you have 10% APR then you would owe $10 in interest and a loan of $100 if the debts keeps reading for a year.

Best Credit Cards With Low APR

Below are the best credit cards with low APR:

  • U.S. Bank Visa (R) Platinum Card: Best for financing large purchases.
  • Chase Freedom Flex: Best overall.
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited (R): Best for flexible rewards.
  • Citi (R) Diamond Preferred (R) Card: Best for balance transfer window.
  • Discover it (R) Cash Back: Best for rotating categories.
  • Amex Everyday (R) Credit Card: Best for supermarket spending.
  • Discover it (R) Chrome: Best for welcome bonus.
  • Wells Fargo Reflect Card: Best for cell phone insurance.
  • Citi Simplicity (R) Card: Best for late payment forgiveness.
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