Highest Paying Jobs in the U.K – Apply Now

Job positions in the U.K are countless and the salaries are high enough to satisfy your financial aspirations. If you are planning on getting a job in the U.K and want to know what jobs are paying the highest, this article is for you. We would be going through some of the highest-paying jobs in the U.K.

From jobs you can do as an entry-level worker to more skilled jobs, this list has the top 10 highest-paying jobs in the U.K.

Without further delay, let’s get to it:

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Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

Chief Executive Officers are usually in charge of organizing and coordinating all financial aspects of a company’s body.

CEOs make sure the company is meeting all its financial goals.

If you are a senior official in a company and thinking of getting into a CEO’s position, this is what you should expect in terms of responsibilities and more.

In this position, you can expect to get paid an average weekly salary of £1,800.

This however is depending on the company you are in charge of. Some fortune 500 companies ’CEOs can earn between £3,000 and £10,000 weekly.

A degree is expected in a business-related subject and with at least 3 – 5 experience in a managerial role. You would also be expected to have outstanding leadership skills.

Air pilot/ Engineers

Air pilots are considered to be the second highest-paying jobs in the U.K. They are tasked with the safe transportation of individuals with the use of airplanes. To have this level of responsibility, you must possess a high level of skill in the field.

You must also be certified as an air pilot or engineer. You can expect to earn an average of £1,700 weekly. This however can go as high as up to £1,900 or £2,000 weekly depending on your level of experience.

Flights Controllers

These sets of people are responsible for the guidance and management of airplanes and how they interact with each other in the sky. They regulate air traffic controls and protocols.

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To get this job role, you must demonstrate a high level of technical skills as well as soft skills including adept communication.

You can expect to earn a weekly average salary of about £1,600.

Marketing and Sales Directors

Marketing and Sales Directors is people who specialize in the organization of campaigns and operation of sales.

They are considered to take home an impressive salary each month. According to official calculations, a marketing and sales director earns an average of £1,400 weekly.

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This however can be as high as £1,500. To qualify for this job, you must typically have a bachelor’s degree in business-related subjects. Other certifications can also be included to boost your salary range.

IT Directors/Specialist

Information and Technology is considered one of the highest-paying jobs in the UK. In today’s economy it is quite hard to find a more attractive job role which pays as much as this.

Computers are used in every type of company or organization, therefore the need for IT specialist and directors.

T directors and Specialist are in charge of maintaining the common computer system in a company and regularly assist employees if needed. You can expect to earn an average salary of about £1,300 weekly.

Legal Professionals

Working as a legal professional opens up a wide range of opportunities for you. To get to the kind of level where you earn a great salary, you must have gotten a bachelor’s degree in Law after which gone to Law school.

The average law graduate earns £1,200 weekly. And more professional lawyers in the private sector can earn up to £1,400 – £1,600 weekly.

Financial Managers and Directors

Financial Manager and Directors are said to be on the list of the highest paying jobs in the U.K. They are responsible of monitoring the company’s finance.

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They make regular financial analysis and aid professional guidance to senior managers in other to improve the company’s profits.

You can expect to earn average of £1,100 weekly. To qualify for this job, the employer usually searches for candidates who hold a degree in a management related field.


As a broker, you work as an intermediary between two individuals or company. You are responsible of broking a deal between a buyer and seller of a product.

Brokers are among the highest paying jobs in the U.K. and based on calculation, you can earn an average of £1,000 per week depending on your level of experience and clientele.

Advertising Directors

Companies pay a lot to people who can adequately promote their products and services. At the end of the day, sales are the key to any company in to production.

To work in this field, you must have a bachelor’s degree and experience in public relations or any related field.

You can expect to earn an average salary of about £1,000 and £1,200 weekly.

Medical Practitioners

The U.K boost of one of the best medical systems in the world. This is why medical practitioners are considered among the top 10 highest paying jobs in the U.K. There are numerous roles you can get into this sector.

Salaries are usually between £1,000 and £1,500. You might however not be able to be a medical practitioner until you have passed all the requirements.One which is having a bachelor’s degree in medicine and also a medical license.

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