How to get a Job in Canada: The Simple Guide 2022

If you are thinking of how to get a job in Canada and you need the precise steps to take, then this article is for you. Working in Canada is a dream come through for many individuals both at home and abroad. With the growing number of immigrants coming into Canada to work and live. We have over 250,000 immigrants applying to work in Canada every year.

Applying the following steps in your pursuit of a job in Canada would help you have a greater chance of success. Without any further delay, let’s get to it.

The first step to getting a job in Canada starts with:

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Having a great resume or CV

One of the things that set people apart from those who get employed and those who don’t boil down to having a great CV or resume. Poorly written resumes prevent you from even reaching an interview stage.

It is the first thing that is scrutinized during your job search process by either your potential employer or the hiring team of the company. Resumes that speak about a person’s character, impact, and achievements makes more wave than one solely about one expected duty.

When drafting out your resume, always try and make a memorable impression on whoever would be reading it and why they should consider hiring you for that position. Also when going for an interview always do your own research as to what type of questions you would be asked.

There are resources online that could help you prepare for interviews. The next thing to consider is to focus on one area or field.

Be Specific

Knowing what you want and going after it is one trait you should have at this stage. This can be seen in your job search. You shouldn’t just go after all types of job ads out there either online or offline. Have a targeted search of jobs, and also have a specific resume for every job you apply to.

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One of the pitfalls of many individuals seeking a job in Canada and also in other countries is that they tend to use the same resume or CV for multiple job applications. The best way to do this is to tailor each resume to the company you are applying to.

From there you can also do some networking, and informational interviews to be more effective in your job search.

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Be thorough in your application

Writing a great resume and also tailoring your resume to fit into your job profile or search is good but more so, you have to be thorough in your search. After applying, don’t just stop there; you can always send a reminder to the company.

A reminder email is something you may send after 2 weeks of applying to remind the company of your interest in working for them.

Get Endorsements

Having a strong reference is vital to getting a job even in Canada. When you have strong references from your previous employer or a reputable individual who is also working can go a long way to boosting your credibility.

Leverage Online Platforms

There are platforms that can really make a great impact on your search for a job. One of which is called LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an online job platform where both employers and professionals can be found. One way to get noticed is by joining these platforms.

Recruiters and employers are using these online platforms to source candidates for jobs in Canada.

Learn how to Network

Effective networking allows you to gain insight and crucial contacts both socially and professionally. Join conferences and network with people in your field or area of specialization.

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Remember most available jobs in Canada never get advertised publicly, this is the so-called hidden job market strategy. So the important step to take is not to wait on your hands but rather go out there and network with the right people in order to get that job.

Be open to Suggestions

Never shy away from getting suggestions and help from people who can add value to you. Be proactive and determined. Send out emails and get in contact with people who can help or at least be of assistance to you.

Get Certified

Your area of specialization might require you to have a certificate of some sort. If this is the case, you need to get certified or accredited. Professions like teaching, physiotherapy, nursing, and social work among others usually require additional accreditation.

This process can take quite a while, so have that in mind.

Following the above steps is not a guarantee of getting a job in Canada, but you would stand a higher chance of landing a job in Canada. The important thing to note is to be confident in your job search because moving to a new country can be a little daunting and challenging but finding a support network would help you retain your confidence.

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