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If you’re unfamiliar with Mp3 Juices CC, it’s a free music download service that sources its music files from YouTube videos and converts them to multiple Mp3 formats so they can be downloaded and listened to offline just like any other Mp3 audio file on your device.

Mp3 Juices CC

Thus, the message here is that you’re essentially converting YouTube videos to mp3 files and downloading them to your device, where they may be listened to at your leisure.

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That sounds great, doesn’t it?

Now, keep in mind that there are numerous clones of this website scattered over the internet.

When you search for music on the website, it will take a few seconds to fetch the results, and when it does, you will see the source of the music, which is always YouTube.

As well as the YouTube channel name from which the music was fetched, so if you only want to download the original and official version of a song, you can do so by clicking on the r icon.

Alternatively, if you want to be more particular, you may copy the URL of a YouTube video and paste it into the site’s search bar.

Mp3 Juices CC Mobile Application

You’ve probably heard of the Mp3 Juices CC Android application. It was also available on Google Play Store, however, the app has now ceased to function and is no longer available there. You can still download the MP3 Juices application’s apk file and install it on your Android smartphone or tablet, however, the app will not run with/without an error.

As a result, the website is the only source of free music. There is a site similar to, and you will also find the download link here, but when you click on it, you will be led to the Google Play Store, where you will be prompted to download an app that may be extremely unpleasant.

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Mp3 Juices CC is a music downloader, however, they only have a web-based version. However, it can be used to download music files to Android devices using any online browser.

MP3Juice is arguably the best website for free music downloads. Its proprietary technology and user interface enables it to download music from a variety of sources.

You can specify a source for your music search. While searching for any music file, you can choose from ten different Music Search Sources. These Search Engines are quite powerful and popular with users, and you are unlikely to find a music file anyplace else.

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Mp3 Juices CC makes use of the following search engines to locate Music files.

  1. YouTube.Com
  2. SoundCloud.Com
  3. Yandex.Com
  4. PromoDJ.Com
  5. Archive.Org
  6. VK.Com
  7. 4shared.Com

Which of the search engines should I use?

As previously said, there are ten search engines from which to choose. You may select all ten if you so like. However, Yandex and 3DI are equally ineffective, yielding nearly no results.

YouTube and SoundCloud are the two top search engines to use. These two options should suffice to locate any music file you choose, and they are also the ones that are selected by default when you visit the website.

If the result comes from YouTube, you can watch the video and listen to the music. If the result comes from SoundCloud, you can listen to the music before downloading it. It assists in determining whether or not you are downloading the correct song, and it also assists in identifying and locating the greatest file with excellent sound quality.

How to use the Mp3 Juices website to locate and download MP3 audio files

  • From your web browser, navigate to
  • Enter the title of the music you’re looking for.
  • Select the Manage Sources tab and specify the sources for music that you want MP3Juice to search.
  • By clicking on a source, you can choose or deselect it (or tap if using a mobile device)
  • Finally, click on the Search icon.
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mp3 juices

  • Now you will see the search result with a Play and Download button (the Play button will not appear if the music source is VK, 4Shared, YourListen, Archive, or 3DI).
  • You can listen to the music to determine the song’s quality of sound and then download it in MP3 format by selecting the Download option. It automatically converts YouTube to MP3 and downloads the file.

Avoid conflicting with a similar website (

Another website is, which also allows visitors to get free music. They do not, however, allow you to explore music files from YouTube, SoundCloud, and other services. You receive a limited amount of downloaded and playing music files.

Is there a replacement application for the MP3 Juices website?

If you’re not interested in using a website and prefer to utilize an application that you can install on your Android phone, Music Paradise is the finest option.

The Music Paradise application is available for free download on Android devices only. It enables users to search for and download music within apps. As a result, you will not require the use of an internet browser.

Additionally, the Music Paradise app allows you to listen to music before downloading. This program doubles as a music downloader and player.

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