Radius Bank Accounts, Features, Credit Card, Location and Custom Service.

Radius Bank which was formerly called the “First Trade Union Bank” is an online-focused community bank which is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The bank is a member of the FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.

Radius Bank

And also a member of the NYCE SUM ATM network. Radius bank is one of the fastest-growing banks in Massachusetts. It is also the 39th largest bank headquartered there.

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The credit card is best for online banking customers who make use of a debit card often at ATMs and stores are comfortable with receiving support by phone or online.

Bank Type: Private
Year founded: 1987
Area served: United States
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
Products: Corporate banking, consumer banking
Website: “www.radius bank.com”.

Radius Bank

Why the Radius bank is so much loved is because of its simplicity when opening an account.

Unlike some of the major national bank chains, you can easily sign up for an account with Radius bank online without having to visit the bank branch.

And in all, your information is being secured with 256-bit encryption whenever you sign up like that.

The bank has different banking options which include:

  • Superhero Checking.
  • Reward Checking
  • High-yield Savings
  • Essential Checking
  • Credit cards
  • Certificates of Deposits (CD)
  • Yacht Loans
  • Personal loans
  • Insurance
  • Mortgages

Pros and Cons of the Radius Bank

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the Radius Bank:


  • Unlimited ATM fee reimbursements.
  • One checking option has cashback rewards and pays interest.
  • Free checking and savings accounts available.
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  • An extended overdraft fee of $5 per day, which not every bank charges.
  • Savings rates aren’t the highest available among online banks.

Radius Savings Account

The High-yield savings accounts are where it is, and Radius pays 0.15% APY on balances between $2,500 and $25,000. At $25,000 and above, your rate is approximately 0.25%.

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Also, there are no fees for this account, and the transfers are free. You will get a free debit card and the Radius Bank will not charge you for any ATM fees.

Rewards Checking Account

With the Radius Rewards Checking accounts, you get no monthly service fees, however, you can actually earn money that is up to 0.15% APY, which is 0.10% on balances below $100,000.

In addition to that, you earn 1% cash back on signature-based transactions that are being made with your Radius debit card.

Radius Bank Features

The Bank has so many features which include:

  • No ATM fees
  • Bank on the Go
  • No minimum balance
  • Low opening balance requirement
  • Early Direct Deposit
  • Financial management tools
  • Insured deposits.

Who is the Radius Bank great for?

The Bank is great for:

  • Smartphone users
  • Savers
  • Those who appreciate customer service

Who is the Bank not Great For?

The Bank is not great for:

  • Rate hunters
  • Those who would rather walk into their branch than do anything at all online.
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Radius Bank login

To login to the Bank online, carefully follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of the bank “www.radiusbank.com”.
  • Once you are on the page, click on”Sign in” at the top right side of the page.
  • Then follow the rest onscreen instructions to sign in to the bank.

Credit Card

The Radius Bank has two major types of credit card which include the:

  • Personal Credit Cards
  • Business Credit Cards

Personal Credit Card

The personal credit card includes:

  • Platinum Card
  • Real Rewards Card
  • Secured Card

Business Credit Card

The business credit card includes:

  • Business Cash Card
  • Rewards PLUS Card
  • Real Rewards Card

ATM and Locations

For ATM and Locations, visit “https://radiusbank.com/contact/atms-locations/”.

Customer Service

For customer service:

  • Visit the official website of the bank “www.radiusbank.com”.
  • Once you are on the page, click on “Contact Us” below the page.
  • On the next page displayed, you will be provided with all you need to contact their customer service.
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