U.S Bank Visa Platinum Card – All you Need To Know

U.S Bank Visa Platinum Card offers a 0% APR offer for 20 billing cycles on purchases and balance transfers as well. Then 14.49% – 24.49% Variable.

The credit card is one of the longest APR offers available. But there are no rewards and some few benefits.

If you are the type that looking for a way to avoid any interest charges, then the U.S Bank Visa Platinum Card is a good card.

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US Bank Visa Platinum Card

The US Bank Visa Platinum Card is a v ery strong applicant if you are in the market for a balance transfer credit card. Or if you are looking at avoiding charges on new purchases.

But because there are no rewards and limited benefits. They are the only reason you would choose going for a credit card like this.

If you have got a credit card balance that is accumulating interest and inessentially costing you money, then you can move the balance to the card.

There, it will accumulate no interest for a particular amount of time. Also, balancetransfers are a very productive to correct credit card debit.

Yes, the US Bank Visa Platinum features some essential perks, just like ability to see one of your credit scores as well as the more uncommon cell phone protection.

But the major draws of the credit card are its introductory APR periods.

Qualifications and Requirements

To qualify for the US Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card:

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  • You must be up to 18 years.
    Other requiremts includes:
  • Your address and contact information. Just like your phone number, email, housing status, whether rented or owned, address.
  • Personal Information including your name, country of citizenship, Social Security number and date of birth.
  • Financial information include your employment status, source of income, monthly rent or mortgage payment, total annualm income.

US Bank Visa Platinyum Card Credit Limit

Well, we can really say as your credit limit depend on different factors. And they include your credit scores, income, credit history and many more.

But if you receive any credit limit that you do not like, then you can ask for an increase.

What Credit Score do I need for the US Bank Visa Platinum Card?

We advice that you have a good credit before you proceed to apply for the cfredit card.

And to have a good credit, ylou must have a credit score of at least 670 for FICO or 700 for VantageScore.

But there are still other factors that go into the decision. The card issuer will also take your monthly rent or mortgage payment, annual income.

And many more when he or she figures out your credithworthiness into account.

The extra information coyuld also result to your approval. Not minding if your scores are lower than the rangges. This doesnt mean that if your scores are higher, you wont be denied.


  • No penalty APR
  • $35 returned payment fee.
  • $39 late payment fee.
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  • 4% or $10 cash advance fee
  • 3% or $5 balance transfer fee
  • 2-3% foreign transaction fee. Though this depends on the currency.
  • It has no annual fee.

Who is the Credit Card Good For?

The credit card is great for:

  • Those who will take advantage of perks just like cellphone protection.
  • Cardholders who need a long intro APR for new purchases and balance transfers.
  • The card is good for cardholders who are extremely focused on avoiding any interest chrages than earning any reward at all.

How Do I Use the US Bank Visa Platinum Card

To use the card, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Create a plan to pay off your balance in the first 20 billing cycles. This is to avoid any increasing interest.
  • Also, try to avoid any charge that is more than you can pay off by the end of the introductory period.
  • Also, pay for your cellphone bill using the card. This is to take advantage of the protection.
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